Thazdope Records Video Mini-Series Part 5


spoiled-nationHello ThazDope Fam! Today we are very happy to announce a few very exciting things! First and foremost, we are very pleased to announce the ThazDope Records’ SpOILed Nation Tour! With the help of our friends over at The Untz, SpOILed (710 Cup Champion), and Grassroots California, we will be hitting North America coast to coast, including a short 3 show run out in Hawaii!

Secondly, ThazDope Records is proud to also announce that we have partnered up with our good friends at Essential Productions (Cincinnati) and we will be bringing the ThazDope Stage to Resonance Music & Arts Festival in Columbus, Ohio on October 2-4! The ThazDope Stage will play host to every major electronic music headliners at Resonance including Eskmo, Kaminanda, Bluetech, Dessert Dwellers, Random Rab, EarthCry, and many many more!

The entire ThazDope family (Spankalicious, Bass Coma, Alejo, and LoDurr on visuals) will be featured nightly on the tour. We will be bringing full audio and visual production with us, compliments of our good friend Tech Hipp LLC out of Austin, TX. Tech Hipp are the proud owners of a BassMaxx Sub rig. Needless to say, the sound is going to be HUGE, and the lighting/visual projections will consist of some of the most psychedelic images and colors you have experienced at a live show.

As a treat, our good friend Filibusta will be joining us during our Northeast leg of the tour! We’re super excited to bring our Midwest Bass homie out with us!

Finally, check out the new promo video! Grab up the BRAND NEW Remix Compilation Vol. 1! Most importanly, mark your calendars for the SpOILed Nation date closest to you!



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